Apr 15 2015

Follow These Simple Senior Cat Care Guidelines

Your senior tortoiseshell cat Bella is the most regal feline you’ve ever seen. Your dignified ten-year-old companion waltzes through your house, surveying her domain like a queen reviewing her empire. She also keeps your two younger cats in line without lifting a paw.

Although elegant little Bella remains healthy, she’s susceptible to age-related health problems. Fortunately, your St. Landry Parish vet gives her regular physical checkups and a tailored senior health program.

Senior Cat Nutrition

Bella has become pleasingly plump since she became a feline senior citizen. However, your friend’s cat has actually gotten thinner during his golden years. Since the vet wants your companion to avoid weight-linked medical problems, she’ll design a plan to lower that hard-to-budge scale number.

The vet will determine your feline housemate’s nutritional needs and exercise routine. Next, she’ll outline a promising nutrition/weight loss regimen. Track your cat’s weight daily with a scale that displays even small changes. If the number suddenly plummets, she might be developing a medical problem. Take your feline companion to the vet without delay.

Blissful Brushing Sessions

Pampered little Bella enjoys her daily grooming appointments. Each morning after her meal, she joins you for a half-hour of heavenly brushing, belly rubs, and ear scratches. With your other hand, you collect loose fur that could form hairballs.

Brushing also stimulates your cat’s skin and improves her circulation. Together, these benefits enhance her coat health. If she’s too prim and proper for a scratching post, clip her tiny nails.

Secret Physical Checkup

Since your feline companion’s in a trance, she doesn’t realize that you’re giving her a stealth physical exam. As you move your hands over her skin and coat, feel for anything unusual. If you find a potential problem, ask your vet to investigate it immediately.

Minimum-Stress Lifestyle

Bella simply doesn’t want much stress in her life. If you upset her routine, provide extra attention to compensate for that disruption. Before a vacation or business trip, ask a familiar relative, friend, or neighbor to spoil your cat in their home. Don’t challenge your senior diva’s status by bringing home more pets while she’s in charge.

Your St. Landry Parish vet will provide charming Bella with regular physical exams, ideally twice yearly. She’ll also diagnose and treat developing medical conditions. To give your senior cat top-quality care, contact us for an appointment.

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