Jun 01 2015

What is Your Cat Saying with His Tail?

Have you ever wondered what your cat’s tail positions mean? As a matter of fact, the tail is one of the major ways that cats communicate. If you’d like to learn more about what your cat is saying with his tail, read on as a St. Landry Parish, LA veterinarian offers insight.

The Wrap

Does your cat brush by your leg, wrapping the tail gently around you while passing? This is your cat’s way of putting a loving arm around a friend—he’s saying he loves and appreciates you. Don’t hesitate to return the favor with a nice petting session or a scratch behind the ears!

The Curve

Cats often hold their tail in a gentle curve. This is an indication that your cat is in a relaxed, perhaps playful mood. Most likely, he’ll jump at the chance to romp around on the floor or bat around a toy or two. Remember, playtime isn’t just about good plain fun; it involves essential exercise to keep your cat in good health! Take time every day to get your cat moving.

The Flagpole

When your cat holds his tail up rigidly and straight, he’s probably feeling quite confident and poised. Don’t let the rigidity of the tail throw you off—your cat isn’t upset or agitated. Most likely, he’ll be ready to accept some petting or a quick cat treat.

The Puff

A cat puffs up their tail in order to appear larger and more threatening. This occurs in response to a perceived threat of some kind, like a strange noise, foreign pet or person in the house, or a stray cat outdoors. Along with the puffed tail, you may witness widened eyes and loud hissing. Unless your cat is actually in danger from a real threat, it’s best not to approach your feline friend until after he’s calmed down a bit.

The Tuck

We’ve all heard the expression about tucking your tail between your legs. Cats are no stranger to this maneuver, as they tuck the tail up under the back legs when they’re feeling afraid, submissive, nervous, or anxious. Various things could cause this, including a startling loud noise or a guest in the home.

It’s important to remember that not all cats are the same, and these tail maneuvers aren’t necessarily universal. Call your St. Landry Parish, LA veterinarian’s office for more information on your particular cat’s tail positions.

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